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I now hold a range of round windows in various hardwoods, specifications, and sizes, IN STOCK READY FOR DELIVERY. please call or email for my current stock list.

My round wooden window frames can be produced in ANY DIMENSIONS REQUIRED, so you can be sure of an exact fit for your home. This will save time and money during installation, and give a top quality result. Unlike cheap 'off the shelf' softwood window frames, my frames are cut from solid hardwood for durability, strength, and beauty.

Unlike cheap off the shelf frames, my frames are cut from multiple layers of segments, overlapping. This process makes the frames far stronger, and resistant to splitting and warping. BEWARE cheap round frames that consist of a single layer of segments, frames of this type stand a very good change of warping or splitting once installed.

Unlike cheaper frames, my bespoke frames are resin bonded with WEST system epoxy, the boat builders way of achieving a strong, structural bond.

outside diameter fixed frame horizontal pivot opener flush casement opener glazing bars cross glazing bars cross ovolo glazing bars noughts and crosses glazing bars central diamond glazing bars four spoke center circle hardwood beading piecces in a ring Postage and Packaging Aquammac 21 wiping seal
400 280 450 500 150 180       35 20 70
500 280 470 520 150 180       35 20 70
600 280 490 560 150 180 250 250 250 35 20 70
700 280 530 590 150 180 260 260 260 35 30 70
800 280 560 630 150 180 270 270 270 40 30 80
900 350 590 680 160 180 280 280 280 40 40 80
1000 400 620 750 160 180 290 290 290 45 40 80
1100 450 670 820 170 180 300 300 300 50 50 80
1200 510 730 880 170 180 310 310 310 50 50 80

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I can rebate my round wooden window frames to accept any diameter or thickness of glass. So they can take double glazing, toughened glass, laminated glass etc. Some customers prefer to use linseed oil putty to secure the glass in place, in which case my carved hardwood beading is not required.

Choose from a wide range of glazing bar patterns, from straight cross designs, to Georgian six spoked arrangements.
I also produce opening windows. Need something that isnt listed? Simply give me a call or email for a price.

Glazing bars will be plain T cross section, unmoulded, 18mm wide bars with approx 6mm upstanding unless you request otherwise. Glass is not included. I recommend that my frames are either painted or sealed with a good quality satin yacht varnish. In order to minimise any visible bordering on double glazed units customers may wish to specify low sightline glass. beading pieces will not be included unless requested, beading will be square cross section unless requested otherwise. Shipping is via parcelforce express 48 unless requested otherwise. The price guide is a guide only, prices may vary over time, call or email for an exact quote. Glazing drain holes will not be drilled unless specified, if using drained double glazing installations follow the glass manufacturers instructions re siting and size of drainage holes. turnaround times on custom builds are estimates only. Ovolo/other mouldings will not be cut into frames unless specified. All frames are supplied unglazed, I do not supply glass. Shipping times are estimates only, do not book builders/tradesmen/glaziers until you have your frame. On pivot opening frames 12mm diameter stainless pivot pins are resin bonded into the outer frame, however as a precaution the following installation procedures must be observed; When installing pivot opening frames in cavity walls ensure the pivot pins are adjacent to masonry to prevent them working out sideways over time. When installing pivot openers in stud partition walls ensure studs are adjacent to the pivot pins on either side to prevent pins working out sideways over time. Note my frames are bespoke and are not certified to BS180 or BS6399 for barrier protection from falling- in low level installations suitable ballustrading must be used.

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