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The topics below contain hints, tips, and opinions, and should be read and followed with caution!

Hints and tips for lakes, ponds, and boats.

I love delivering my Pond Boats and Lake Boats in person, because I get to see a fantastic variety of different lakes and ponds. I have traveled all over the UK, and launched boats on hundreds of different lakes and ponds, from small creeks fed by bubbling brooks in north Wales, to glorious landscaped lakes with multiple islands spanned by beautiful wooden bridges. I often end up delivering boats to lakes and ponds that are still ’work in progress’, and occasionally find myself arriving at an address, only to find that the lake in question hasn’t even been filled with water!

My Skiffs are often used as pond boats, and my prams are sometimes used as lake boats, but what is the difference between a lake and a pond? it’s a question that I am often asked, but nowone seems to know the answer! There are some interesting differences, although the line is slightly blurred;

A lake will have its own microclimate.

A lake will be large enough to develop its own small waves in windy conditions, this will often prevent plants from growing right up to the waters edge.

The water in a lake will have independent temperature layers, whereas a pond will be shallow enough to have a consistent water temperature throughout.

The water in a lake can be divided into three areas: the littoral (the shallow water around the edge, which is capable of supporting photosynthesis, the profundal (the deep waters where the sun is blocked out, and most types of pond weed cant grow), and the Limnetic (the water layer above the profundal).

A pond will be shallow enough to allow vegetation/weed to take root on its bottom, and grow right up to the surface. I often deliver my skiffs to large ponds/small lakes that are totally filled with weed. My skiffs and Punts make an ideal base to work from when clearing weed on you pond, then once the messy work is done, you have a beautiful pond and a beautiful boat!


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