Links Fountain designer and maker, truly unique sculptured fountains. Pond cleaning, pond maintenance and pond construction specialists. They also do moats, lakes and water features in London Berkshire, Hampshire, Sussex Productions are experienced specialists in the design, construction, restoration, repair and development of all forms of ornamental water features including ponds or lakes, and their associated landscapes. Ten years experience in pond and lake construction and maintenance, predator control, fishing platforms, filter installation, liner welding, silt removal, fish stocking, reed beds, and aquatic planting. Midlands based. building design and maintenance. This site provides help and advice on how to design, build,
maintain and enjoy your ideal pond. Over 30 years experience in building synthetic and natural clay lined ponds and lakes. All aspects of lake maintenance undertaken including desilting, suction, mechanical extraction, bank restoration, management of overhanging trees, diversion and pre-storage of runoff. Operating in Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, and Gloucestershire. They have a gallery of previously built lakes on their site. Rubber Pond Liners, PVC liner, protective underlay, pond and fountain pumps and pond accessories. Use our pond liner calculator to get exact dimensions required and visit our blog for a wealth of information.
David Keegan... An award winning garden designer, David focuses his work around a naturalistic planting style. He is an expert in all aspects of landscape & garden design. David has a very impressive portfolio, with loads of photos showing the amazing gardens he has created. Click Here to visit his website.

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