Links Poultry Housing is a small family run company based in the heart of the Blackdown Hills, near Honiton Devon.They have been manufacturing poultry houses for the last 20 years, They have a range of lovely chunky handcrafted duck and chicken houses. I love these little henhouses and duck houses, they look just like miniature cottages, they are built from quebec yellow pine, and can be supplied painted or unpainted. Flyte so Fancy design and hand-craft an extensive range of Poultry Houses including Chicken Runs, Chicken Houses, Chicken Coops, Traditional Hen Houses, Chicken Arks, Goose Houses and Duck Houses. They make a beautiful Gypsy Hen House. is an excellent provider of pure breed poultry for sale. Whether it is hatching eggs, point of lay (also known as P.O.L.), day olds, chicks, growers, pullets, bantam, hens or stock cockerels we can provide excellent show stock quality poultry, from the best lines and top poultry breeds. sell an extensive range of very good quality, British made chicken coops, duck houses, rabbit hutches, dog kennels, summerhouses, garden storage, gazebos, pergolas, dovecotes, playhouses, treehouses plus much more. A bespoke service is also available. one stop shop for all your chicken keeping and duck keeping needs. Their range of poultry supplies includes a large array of different styles of chicken houses and duck houses, goose houses, poultry arks, hatching and incubation equipment, electric fencing, feeders and drinkers and poultry health products. They offer chicken keeping and duck keeping starter packs. specialise in Housing for Pets and Animals, all of their products are researched, designed and handmade with pride. They also provide a delivery and erection service for their larger Chicken Coops and Cat Runs, so the people responsible for making your product will also deliver and install for you. As Poultry keepers themselves they can provide lots of advice and information to the new Poultry keeper.

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