Simply Skiffs

I dont just build small wooden rowing boats for lakes and ponds, I have completed a range of interesting projects for interesting clients over the years, here is a selection of them!

Playground Skiffs 01/2011
Seven skiffs, specially built for installation into a newly constructed adventure playground for Reading Borough Council. I designed these skiffs to be incredibly strong, with 18mm thick floors and sides, coupled with extra hardwood reinforcement. They were specially designed to be bolted directly onto concrete supports, dug into the ground. I used colours selected by reading council to match other playground objects, and named each boat after a river in the reading area.

High street fashion displays 02/2011
Five mini skiffs, only two meters long, to be used by the "Republic" chain of high street fashion stores. These skiffs were used in flagship stores in London, Bristol, Manchester, Dublin, and Belfast. They had to be 'aged', so that they would fit in with the style of display, so I used a range of tachniques to make the boats look particularly weather worn!

High street fashion displays 05/2011
Two skiffs built for Selfridges in London, for a fashion display. Again these were built to specific colour codes to match the display. I used matt emulsion, rather than my usual combination of epoxy and two pack, to create a very simple clean finish. One of the skiffs was to be left standing on its end, so I constructed legs for it to sit on.

'Folly for a Flyover' event 06/2011
Four skiffs constructed for a two week event in central London, on the Lea Canal, to be used for a range of interesting purposes, This is part of the CREATE 11 arts festival, linked to the 2012 olympic games.

'Dads Army' theatre production 04/2010
One skiff, supplied for use as a prop in the west end production of 'Dads Army', this one was sent to a third party to be aged and modified for the show.

Mini Skiff 02/2011
This tiny little skiff was under two meters long, a true pocket battleship (see photo).

Bed skiff 2009
One skiff, constructed for use as a bed for a child, I installed a third seat in this skiff, along with various supports, and constructed a mattress board, and put a small mast and sail on. The customer intends to actually use the boat on the water once the child has grown out of their boat bed!

Sand pit skiff
One skiff, supplied to HSBC as a gift to an inner london school, to use in their sand pit.

Fashion photo shoot summer 2010
One skiff, supplied to Stella McCartney for use in a fashion shoot, for their 2010 summer season.

Faulkland Islands skiff 04/2011
One skiff, supplied to a customer on the Faulkland Islands. Unfortunately I could not deliver in person, but sent it out via a third party. I have also supplied skiffs to customers in France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Scotland.

Bed skiff 07/2011
Another skiff destined to be a bed! this time I used thick softwood slats, supported with fiberglassed beams, to provide a very strong base whilst allowing for a good level of ventilation for the bespoke mattress, this boat required some lovely ornate paintwork (always fun).

Canoes 08/2011
Three Canoes supplied and delivered at the last minute for a Ralph Lauren fashion display in France.

Skiffs for a film 12/2011
One skiff, supplied to Trademark Films for filming of "The Truth About Stanley". I also supplied a second skiff, part completed, for a seperate scene where one of the characters 'builds' the boat! See testimonials for their feedback on this.

Simply Skiffs in the Bromley Times 02/2013
What fun, being featured in the Bromley times note the picture of 'snowy' the newest member of the team!

Chelsea Flower Show 04/13
One Skiff, supplied for use as a rather elaborate center peice for a seafood display at the chelsea flower show, apparently it will be seen by the Queen!

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